A Short Story

An old man was sitting on the bench. It was late evening and he kept wondering what he could have done differently in his life. He was in his early seventies with no children, his wife dead and his career in the dumps. 

In his golden days he was a private investigator. He had been hired to build a case against a drug smuggler. It was in his hands to throw the case wide open and that was exactly what he did. He collected evidence and the smuggler's trial went just as he had planned. What he didn't think about were the consequences.

After coming home from the trial, he had found his wife's body with a note tied to her wrist. He remembered reading it like it was yesterday. It said, "Payback is what we do. You took our King so we killed your Queen." He snapped back to the present when he heard an owl hoot loudly. 

He got up and headed to his apartment. He had tears rolling down his cheek but he knew if he could do it all over again, he would still end up here. He was a man who fought against evil. It was in his blood. He knew that sometimes good people die when you lock horns with the sinful. And now, finally, he accepted it. 


Hope you liked it :) Till next time this is me signing off! xoxo


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