Cross Your Fingers, Make A Wish.

Second chances, wishes upon a star, a coin in the well. Why do we have these? I have just one answer in mind. Hope. We hope and pray that things will work out, that people will change and life will become better. 

What happens when someone close to you hurts you? It's heart breaking, obviously. Then why do we give them second chances? Because we are naive enough to think that he/she will change. One in a million chance, they do. But when they don't it makes us feel even more stupid. Then should we? Should we give second chances? YES. 

We all make mistakes. And then we regret making them. We wish we had another chance; if only we could push rewind. But unfortunately, rewind is not an option. So we ask for a second chance, to do it all over again. The thing is, these chances only work when you do something differently. If you keep making the same mistakes then you will end up right where you started. 

If you're the one giving the chance then do it with an open mind or don't do it at all. Let them have a go at becoming better people. Give them a chance to make things right. It might result in a total disaster but what if it all works out? What if you actually help someone be a greater versions of themselves? It feels good. 

There is always a second face to the coin. Don't be generous. If someone does the same mistake twice, they are never going to change. Don't become a doormat. Don't let people walk all over you because they know they can just ask for for a re-do. DON'T GIVE A THIRD CHANCE. All you can do is cross your finger and make a wish. Wishing for that person to change. But if they don't; walk away. 

Till next time this is me signing off! XOXO


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