List #4

4 Signs that someone doesn't like you:

1.Not Calling/Texting Back: So maybe they're just busy or have a legit reason but if this happens ever so often and if he/she hasn't got back to you in over a week (or more, it depends), you don't stand a chance. Don't waste your time.

2.Insulting Something You Like: This is okay once in a while but if someone dares to insult you fandom or your favourite music artist or even your choice of pizza topping repeatedly, then he/she doesn't like you

3.Spreading Rumours: They can't make you miserable themselves so they'll spread crafty stories about how you are a giant asshole (which you obviously are not.) Sometimes it also means they're jealous but most of the times the just want to see you suffer.

4.Talking To You Only When They Need Help: They won't even come close if they don't want anything. You are their house elf. Only there to help and to make things easier for them. for instance, when they need a ride or help with their homework. (Some people also use this method to get close to you, but if a 6 months go by and still you see yourself completing their notes, get the hell outta there.)

So that's all I got for today. Till next time, this is me signing off! Ciao!

P.S. I'll not be able to so post frequently anymore because I'm working on this short novel on Wattpad. Will let you know when I have an update! Thanks for being patient (in advance)! XOXO Love ya!


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