List #3

So here is the much awaited (Only for some) list. 


( This might be inspired by some YouTube videos. Please don't hate me. I'm trying to be as original as I can. <3 )

1. The Celebrity Crush: We all know this one. Everybody has one. Mine is Zac Efron. (Praise the Lord for making such a wonderful creature.) It is irrational and stupid and we love it. We love daydreaming about them and writing fan fictions. ( Something I'm NOT guilty of.) They don't know we exist but we feed on their Instagram photos. 

2.The Best Friend: Sometime or the other we think we are crushing on our "BFF". It can be of the same gender or the opposite, it doesn't matter if you're gay or not. You LOVE your best friend. It can be either a romantic thing or just pure unadulterated friendship. But I just had to include this for some of you out there.

3.The AwesomeSauce Stranger: This is the guy or girl you just see walking down the hall or in the football field. Maybe even the guy who serves your Chicken Bucket to you at KFC. (You get the picture.) You DO NOT know that person but you being you, start crushing on them. More like on their face, haha! Just some innocent fangirling. (Up until you decide to become a creepy stalker ofc.)

4.The Neither-a-Stranger-nor-a-Friend Crush: This might be a person who you share a classroom with. They are more of an acquaintance to you. You talk to them sometimes. You know each other but just hang out in a group situation. You have never had an actual one to one conversation with that person but you like them anyway because you think that someday somehow you'll manage to get through to them. (GUILTY!)

5.The Fictional Crush: A character from a movie or a book. They are fictional, yes, but they are very, very vivid to you. You're not crazy though. You know he/she is not real. Still, you can't help but compare every guy you meet to that character. They are with you forever. 

6.The Never Ending Crush: This is the person you have been crushing on for some while now. And by a while I mean a LONG TIME. It starts to seem like forever. You just can't get over that person. But even when you do move on and have other relationships, there will always be a soft spot in your heart for them. 

And  finally, 

7.The Regular Crush: This is the definition of liking someone. You are friends with that person and you want something more. That's it. Nothing too over the top. A simple, by the book, crush.

So that's it! If you can think of any more lemme know in the comments down below! Ciao! XOXO


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