The "Yes" Side

So if you haven't already heard, marriage has been legalized regardless of the gender in Ireland! The "Yes" side won the nation wide vote! YAY! 

I, being straight, don't know the everyday struggle the LGBT people face. But what I do know is that people are insanely insensitive towards them. I live in a country where probably 80% of the population is anti-LGBT and to be honest, this sickens me to the core. How you you be against them when they are doing nothing wrong?! How can you discriminate against who they were born to be?! A friend of a friend was bullied and called a fag just because he came out. How can these bullies even call themselves human? I can't even fathom. 

Okay, so I get that there is a difference in opinion and upbringing but that doesn't give you the right to be high and mighty and call names and put the LGBT community down! If you do have a problem with them, just keep it to yourselves! They aren't out to kill you! They want want to love and be loved. That is all. 

Many teenagers and even adults commit suicide or go into depression just because the society doesn't accept them. Doesn't accept who they are. A simple fact: YOU DO NOT CHOOSE. YOU ARE BORN THAT WAY. Some live their whole lives in a lie, pretending to be someone they aren't. Is this the kind of world we want to live in? NO. I refuse to. I will spend my entire life trying to convince people and fight for LGBT rights. I am straight, but I am human. I am just fighting for the rights of fellow human beings who suffer so much. I SUPPORT THEM. If you're with me, spread the message in your own way, no matter how little. 

The world should be inspired by what has took place in the wonderful nation that is Ireland. If they can accept it, why can't you? They are just human beings. A bit different, but human nonetheless. If they are good people, why should it matter who they fall in love with? Give it a thought. 

Till next time, this is me signing off! XOXO Stay strong :) 


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